JM The Happy Horse (jm_horse) wrote in furrysport,
JM The Happy Horse

Injury Update

A quick update on my progress since my ankle surgery back in January:

I've lost an awful lot of weight. I'm now 79kg, down from my usual fighting weight of about 94kg. The weight loss has been deliberate: I was/am very keen to make sure I didn't put on fat during four months of zero exercise. I've lost the weight easily through calorie counting, aided no end by vegetarianism and no sweet tooth. And oats. Lots of oats.

I've lost a little bit of fat but an awful lot of muscle. My arms are skin-and-bone and my hips - the butt being the source of the strength and balance of a fast bowler like myself - are an incredible 25cm (10") smaller.

My clothes, of course, no longer fit and I've had to run off and buy a new wardrobe. At least I don't have to spend hours trying to find jeans with a small waist but wide hips (me: "does my butt look big in this" others: "your butt is huge and looks big in anything"). Hopefully my new clothes will remain okay even as I get back into shape.

I've been back at the gym for a couple of weeks and have been given the all clear today to start some jogging. My strength has improved at an unbelievable rate, which is important seeing as my partner weighs some 70kgs. (Tee hee.) I expect that my weight will settle in the low 80s and I'll have to adjust being a bit weaker, but hopefully with reduced stress on my back, knees and ankles.

Pre-season begins in early July. I'm very keen to back sprinting by then so I can take full part. At 31, I'm perceived to be near the end of my shelf-life (a perception not shared by my surgeon, my physio and myself), so it's important that I hit the ground running and consolidate my position as our club's top bowler by the time the season gets underway in October.

If all goes well I might yet consider another tour of England.
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