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Hello all,

I recently got to meet jm_horse online, and as a result, I saw this community. As an athlete of sorts, I was most certainly interested in this community and similar (such as the Health and Fitness fur community) but due to time and social constraints was quite unable to indulge in the compulsion to join until just recently.

Being really quite busy with coursework, I don't have much time for organised sport, but I am anything but sedentary and pedestrian. I do play tennis, basketball, go tenpin bowling, bouldering and rock-climbing, as often as I can, but this is sadly not often enough. Since I seem to have some kind of hyperactivity disorder (figuratively speaking, I think), I tend to do things that I can do on the fly, with no equipment except the environment.

Thus you may have figured I have an interest in a more recent sporting development by the various names of le parkour, or free running, or urban freestyling. A brief explanation if you so require- one uses their environment not so much as a boundary, but as a tool to facilitate the flow of movement. It's a highly intensive, whimsical and potentially dangerous sport at its best- googling it should bring up plenty of results.

This is tied in with my interest in martial-arts and gymnastics. Often the combination of this is referred to as tricking, or extreme martial ars. I'm still a relative novice at it, since I have little opportunity to train time and location wise, but this year, I hope to move things along a fair bit faster by drumming some local interest in the sport, as opposed to a mild amusement. I hope to become relatively proficient at this by the end of my undergraduate degree (end of 2010).

A couple of references to the activity itself and my motivations:

You'll notice that the references are to a different journal to the one I'm posting from- I have my reasons for doing this, rather nebulous ones at that, but for now, I'll be using this journal to make the posts here.

A great place to look for some of my aspirations would be on places like and

That's all from me for now! I hope to keep in touch ;)
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